I don’t think I’m the only one on a pilgrimage. I know in my bones there are others out there like me who are perennially headed further up and further in, who, like me, are struggling to leave behind religious systems to get at a purer gospel. People like me desperate to use their hands and feet in their faith, not just their intellects. People who know there is more to Teresa’s castle than the rooms we have occupied to this point.

I hope that some of you will tell the rest of us your story (or pieces of it anyway) through prose, poetry, song, photography, whatever medium moves you. This CLAN space will be our shared stage, our goal will be authenticity, intentionality, speaking true to each other as best we can. We will do our best to give each other time to live in the seasons of tension when life and faith collide. We will make room too for praise and thanksgiving, epaineo and eucharisteo, the destination of all our lament.