The Bible is full of faith questions. Don’t believe me, read the Psalms. Better yet, listen to them.

Meet James Garcia: great guy, musician extraordinaire. James has produced 15 original songs based on the psalms — some favorites like Psalm 23, as well as some surprises. He’s titled the CD “A Window into the Psalms”  and here’s what he has to say about the project:

“I’ve long been captivated by the psalms as a way to sing praise to the Lord and to express our deepest emotions. For many of us, the psalms are part of our personal worship, but through the long years of Israel’s history theImage psalms were the primary vehicle for corporate worship too, sung in the congregation and taught to each generation to remember what the Lord has done for His people. I hope these songs encourage you to use the psalms as part of your devotional life, and encourage us as a church to share our devotion and our lives with each other as we sing praise to I AM.”

I consider it a real privilege to share James’s music with you. These songs have accompanied me on so much of my traveling these past two years, these sacred words finding purchase in my memory because of James’s labor of love and faithfulness. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

His songs are available in my Store.