I didn’t set out to write a book.  I set out to write a poem of all things (disclaimer: I am not a poet), and ended up spending a year studying the psalms — reading them, singing them, even learning to write my own. Along the way, this book emerged. Its about my pilgrimage through the psalms, an almost ineffable year that changed me in ways I am still, even now, coming to terms with.

9781434708687_3D My book is about becoming Abraham, about turning your back on all you think you know about God and the life of faith and squaring your shoulders, faith-forward, into the pitch dark. Its about discovering just how much of a Person God truly is, marvelous and unpredictable, unchanging yet ever on the move, and how desperately God wants us to release our grip on the rules and dogma we think we need in order to be safe and found faithful.

Pilgrimage. Travelogue. Journey. Adventure. Metaphors that labor to reveal the One who said he IS the Way.

The book weaves together narrative and poetry (don’t let the poetry part freak you out) to show how the Psalms can function for spiritual formation, for healing, for discernment, for conviction. My hope is that ordinary people like me begin to reclaim the Psalms as sacred poetry for shaping how we understand and engage with God.

A Travelogue of the Interior: Finding your voice and God’s heart in the Psalms is available now on Amazon.